EC-100QM, LP-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard EC series.

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Managarn 07/02/2005

LTD EC-100QM : Managarn's user review


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I saw that the guitar was made in korea for mine. Ily has a total of 24 frets. If the microphones are "duncan" c so no shit and if not here I found the form type les paul a lot. and I put 9 because of the micro and string it does not care PCQ not your mouth ..


For me who play before a standart stratocaster, I find that the handle is top, access to acute is, Sino is a bit heavy TFW ms the guitarist must be muscular normally no personal g ac its prob. Otherwise the form is tro bien i like paul forms. Worse then the sound, put Duncan on an amp Vox Valvetronic and you die of old ptite two blocks from his painful ..


So already I wanted unhe guitar rock that would allow me to do good solo ben c succeeds.
I played on a Vox Valvetronix 15 wt and c tro the bomb. Then adjust the microphone position 3 both the serious and acute. the top is the acute grve we hear no good tro ms sufit to mount her. My preference for sound when I put the c distortion wah wah its the ac c tro. G but not his rotten on my amp so c great.


Its going to make me a maiçntenant ke g and I do not want to change. What is too much c form the look and the head micro ms which is boring its c depends on the guitarist Guests are offered only if want to c ben no lullabies guitar to buy a c buggers. G bocoup try to model type les paul or sg like esp viper 400 and Epiphone sg ds ben my price range I can tell you that the c for me 400 euros you have the bomb so sure you metter more a good amp. Ben my godfather my Fender Stratocaster to interpret a 800 euro bin I keep my EC-100 I c ac is not what I ms I can play for hours without getting bored ... I hope I would be consulting ..