LTD KH-603
LTD KH-603

KH-603, LP-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Kirk Hammett series.

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The Sorrow 10/09/2006

LTD KH-603 : The Sorrow's user review


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- Guitar made in Korea, the serial number on the back of the head.
- 24 jumbo frets.
- Two EMG-81 (active pickups).
- Bridge: Floyd Rose original.
- Controls: two volume knobs (one for each pickup) and a common tone.
- In neck and driver.

That's exactly what I was looking at both the micro as the bridge, nothing wrong it's "good mechanics" and everything works great!


- The handle is a great surprise! I was expecting two things: either the buche that can be found on some Gibson or sheet of cigarette Ibanez RG ... Both wrists ache and hands on gibson becaufe I'm not around and my hand on the Ibanez breaks in the decision of the handle. KH-603 on either of these problems: the handle is neither too big nor too late, he married the majority of the curves of palms and offers a grip open and sweet at the same time: what is expected a sleeve, which is easily playable and enjoyable.

- Access to acute surprising: it forms a Les Paul as I expected once again to a disaster in terms of access to acute but not at all! No need to be a gymnast to access the 24th, I arrived without problems and without forcing.

- Ergonomics really good! Obviously you have to like the Les Paul shape. It is a treat for me: it is in place and is balanced (it looks neither to one side or the other). The only small "complaint" I could make it is that it is a bit "heavy" but be careful again nothing very difficult to overcome, it would really have problems with arthritis find it really is heavy. I'm a lightweight all dry and I have no problem ^ ^!


- First of all precision: this guitar is oriented metal! So do not be surprised if the sound cleans are not up to what you might find with an electro ^ ^! To give you an idea the clean sounds a bit like "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" by Metallica, but a little less cold and metallic, is a kind of "clean metal".
In terms of distortion, I think it is unnecessary to present the EMG-81. They work very well: accuracy, safety, grain very recognizable, very nice attack, incomparable power ... Short! These are the mics that I needed and I think the next guitar that I would have to buy will be installed automatically as j'aprécie their sound.

For accuracy I play with a Peavey Studio Pro 112 (65 watts into 8 ohms) and I am able to find a pannel of distortions impressive: it's going to the small Gentillet distortion, overdrive limit, Iron Maiden, the heavy distortion well Screaming Mayhem do without no loss of definition of power or anything in sound, it's caviar Medames, gentlemen! EMG-81 really are comfortable throughout the distortion!

Do not forget the enormous contribution of the handle is incredibly easy as it is both practical and sweet! A real motorway on which is fun to slide! Driver and appearance only add to this farandolle of positives!

The réglagles are fairly simple and the results are not expected to yield the desired sound quickly without getting lost in endless réglagles.

Noise level I take everything! Nothing to build clean not even surprises me with some time because it could limit réglagles do some funk! Is that of happiness!


Guuitare I use this for the past two months. No regrets! When I tried it I was really surprised by the quality of the instrument despite its price! ESP really at a problem they should have to sell at prices so low instruments of such quality!

I love it! Use the sounds, to ergonomics and beauty of it etc ... ! Nothing is lacking!
The price / quality ratio is exemplary for a guitar of this level I would have thought to put much more!
I tried many guitars before buying this one: Ibanez Prestige models through the Gibson SG ... And she stands out in my eyes widely at all levels.

With a little more experience I would do without hesitation that choice is really a beautiful instrument dott very high quality officiating in the Metal genre without giving up other styles of music sweeter! A beautiful guitar!