Shumberg Les Paul Custom
Shumberg Les Paul Custom

Les Paul Custom, LP-Shaped Guitar from Shumberg.

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lmc31 12/14/2011

Shumberg Les Paul Custom : lmc31's user review

" a perfect look-alike"

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It is a pure Les Paul with all CHARACTERISTICS this guitar legends. The Difference notables are on a handle asymtrique variable radius, and the body that is massive. As against the timber are completely dry and select which gives a weight more than reasonable, and the table for Saddle MODELS flame is massive and not plate. It is made in Korea and refinement of rglages Toulouse.


Even if I love the handle 50 rounded style, I must admit that he is comfortable trs. As mentioned below the guitar is lgre for the most massive Paul. Then for those who love the Les Paul connate and everything is easy, for others a little time to adapt will ncessaire.


The sound is that of Paul's, microphones rpliques of this grain have 57 classic vintage that I love. I thought the change to the antiquity 59 Seymour, finally I'll still SAVE sub. I play mostly hard 70s and 80's blues and I must say it is perfect. Only changed a change of electronic paper for oil and condos Cables being of better quality, I will give my opinion on this change.


For over a year I was looking for my les paul, I tried tons of guitars and a few Gibson (and the dozen tries just 4 MODELS taient the height of the myth) I have not had that feeling of being one with the guitar. It's amazing, for under 400 with Hard Case, the one that Paul could do a lot of Gibson blush. We're kilomtres studios and piphones, and other copyists gibson, I would say that overall we are at what Japan does best in terms of the paul.