Shumberg Les Paul 70's Vintage Reissue Model
Shumberg Les Paul 70's Vintage Reissue Model

Les Paul 70's Vintage Reissue Model, LP-Shaped Guitar from Shumberg.

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Polofox 03/04/2011

Shumberg Les Paul 70's Vintage Reissue Model : Polofox's user review

«  Surprising, to try! »

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I bought the Les Paul 70's Reissue Vintage Gold equipped with P90.
Guitar probably of Chinese origin saw the price.
Everything has already been said about the hardware, the woods ........ it is a Les Paul copy.
Well constructed overall. Beautiful landmarks such trapezoidal pearl button. In looking more closely, the maniac that I am noticed some small paint blemishes in the varnish.
Rosewood fingerboard as factory that is a little pale as many new guitars. (A passage in linseed oil, and voila a beautiful touch to the dark as rosewood antique!)
Feature of this model: Equipped with P90 type pickups, and this represents for me the interest I will develop below.


The handle?! It is a matter of taste and colors! For my part, assuming that this is not the guitar that will fit me, I have no alternative but to adapt to the guitar! after a few minutes, I'm quite comfortable on the handle of this Shumberg whether rhythm or solo.
Access to acute ... Les Paul Standard, no how!

Yes we get easily a good sound, and that's a good surprise. It continues below!


Already in store, the guitar had challenged to the point that ....... well I've purchased.
But while saying that it could be that way, and it would most certainly change the pickups soon! And then I have a Gibson DC equipped with P90, then Shumberg, do not do it too his clever! Attention must be wary of a priori! Read the following:
Back at home, first thing: change the strings LTHB: 10-13-17-30-42-52, and immediate testing! it's true, I do not like elastic to make it sound in the bass, it takes at least that.
The pleasant surprise is confirmed. I had to lower the height of the microphone which had a slight fever tends to clip its clear. Once down, everything is back to normal: perfect, a real clear sound without spikes or unpleasant attacks. We emphasize enough the need to fine tune a guitar and adapt to their equipment. This is crucial.
I'm surprised rendering microphones either in clean or saturated. I do not know if it comes from the microphones, the fund, or combination of the set, but it is clear that his rings.
In middle position you get this sound characteristic of the international position, and the rhythmic and casseroles sound remarkably well. It is clear, dynamic and defined with a beautiful color.
I play both on a combo Marchemal JVM and a rack consisting of a PSA1 without amp and power amp --- Marsh, all shuttered on a cabinet equipped with Celestion V30.

Comparison with my Gibson: We play a riff, same microphone, we not touch the amp, you change the guitar and it repeats the same thing, and then continue and then again, ........ Briefly, we compare what: well surprise. My Gibson a little more "body" but is less clear and dynamic location intemédiaire example. Saturation, the gap is widening in favor of Gibson, but I am amazed at the performance of this Shumberg. Me who just look for more than two hours, I can speak knowingly, and say that there is a difference in (thankfully somewhere) but the people who will listen live with Shumberg, they will not notice a fire. I still say that question clarity and dynamic inter position, I prefer Shumberg. I mention in passing that his position in Inter is a subtle blend of the sound of two microphones that must adjust the height with a screwdriver to get the result which should be personal.

The choice of P90: Personally I like this type of microphones. more powerful than standard Fender single coils, but slightly less powerful than conventional Humbucking while having a good seed.
I do not know what is the origin of microphones that fit this Shumberg, but obviously is more than correct, and I therefore see no point in changing them.


I use it for a few months now in rotation with other guitars, and I always enjoy it again. I had originally purchased without too great convictions for its looks (and his e-store anyway) and for "a small excavator parts". It is now part of the exclusive club of "my guitar". I also use it in concert to preserve the cosmetic condition of my other guitars value, and I'm not disappointed (nor the other members of my group who were shooting a little nose the first time have taken live and have all been surprised rendering) Adopted!

Conclusion: RQP: RAS is good, hurry up before it increases!