SR Guitars SRLP Luxe
SR Guitars SRLP Luxe

SRLP Luxe, LP-Shaped Guitar from SR Guitars in the SRLP series.

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phaesis 04/12/2011

SR Guitars SRLP Luxe : phaesis's user review

«  I love it! »

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Made in Korea with quality components!
configuration is of type G. .. P. .. n with additional splits splitter on volumes for the pickups!


22 frets neck falling hair cell in the hand ...
The ergonomics of a P. ..
Weight 4.150 Kg to mine nickel therefore
FYI I have weighed the Gibson Les Paul that oscillates between 3.6 and 4.8 Kg nothing to say
I tried for several months in different LP G. .. n some sound really bad a few more so it's really a lottery for the purchase price is not right .... while there anything to say the sound is full, the quality is there, it's not the name that is famous guitars SR least for the time being, some brands are too many cons on their behalf and do as well as before to maintain the quality of yesteryear! Listen and you hear what I mean!
Acute problem without access to the handle is really good!
No frets that hangs up, not planning to do again, not plank that the strings are close to the handle it does not get tired!


Yes it suits me perfectly, because it is possible to alternate its clear sound with humbucker pickups splittage therefore easy to move the lens to its rock, hard rock or heavy metal or depending on the amp
Amp used for this test of SR LP Deluxe Heritage Cherry Sunburst
a Hughes & Kettner Trilogy and a Sovtek Mig 100
Marshall 4 x 12 cabinet and a Marshall cabinet with 2 x 12
For my part the sound is really good


I've had a few weeks, she made several repeated and made his first concert was nickel
The typed seeking a guitar P. .. the guitars I have tried different ...
PRS, LTD, Custom 77, Lag, Gibson, Tokai ... and my choice was left on the SR LP Deluxe

Amp used for my tests a Hughes & Kettner Trilogy and a Sovtek Mig 100
Marshall 4 x 12 cabinet and a Marshall cabinet with 2 x 12
Here are my impressions ... this remains a personal opinion ...
Sustain impressive ... excellent ... mahogany there is obviously no stranger!
Microphones: Sound quality quite ok for the price of having microphones on the site configurator ... there will be no need to change them immediately that they are correct! it sounds very good already
The split is seen microphones ... possible to have a clean sound on the mic serious example and keep the bridge pickup in humbucker for leads by example ...
Vicinity of quality microphones, snug with the table of the guitar (not like some brands ...)
Effectiveness of any knobs on the beach that is the volume knob or tone a good point!
Neck well set, fits comfortably in your hand, good finish of the frets ... String to 1.5 mm in height above the 12th fret so super easy to play ...
Beautiful well finished 3-ply plate (not like some brands ...)
Effectiveness of Grover nothing to say!
The guitar holds tune well despite his young age!
Playing this guitar is a real pleasure because it is well balanced when playing play sitting ... standing poses no problem of balance of course not ...
Side look is GORGEOUS!! for the price it will be hard to do better ... Some ask themselves to choose between a SR and C. ... 77 Well I had both on hand, or rather the hands during this test well I look for my part for the SR because the sound is more precise on the one hand and the other side finish ... there's really no contest ... now you see and hear!!
Note that I have nothing to do with the brand SR or other brand besides, I'm just a client among others in seeking a quality instrument without breaking the bank ...
Just something I put on that guitar strap lock as on all my guitars ... to avoid a fall ... on other more expensive brands there is not ... so 20 € of strap lock will not be death
Musically and friendly especially

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