SR Guitars SRLP Luxe
SR Guitars SRLP Luxe

SRLP Luxe, LP-Shaped Guitar from SR Guitars in the SRLP series.

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la.boulanderie 05/09/2011

SR Guitars SRLP Luxe : la.boulanderie's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
Imation is a Gibson Les Paul. The handle is stuck, the microphones are vintage humbucker. For all carectéristiques all will see on the site of SR Guitars (very detailed with pictures sharp).


Comfort is quite consistent with a Les Paul. The handle is quite round but without excessive fatigue of the hand. Access to acute is more dificult than a Start or Ibanez or Shreeder but it does not take a Les Paul for that. The frets are very well posed and the intonation is perfect right up to the top of the handle. The guitar comes fully resolved.


In terms of sonoriités, although I am not an expert Les Paul, this guitar seems to sound great. I would venture to say that this is equivalent to the Les Paul I've tried (LP Traditionnal).


I play the guitar for over thirty years and in recent years, I started guitar in the collection, not prestigious models but rather with a view to expand my tonal palette. In this context, I had gone to buy a real Les Paul. Then before the price multiple, style number, colors not always successful on the models I saw, I hesitated a long time.
I came across an ad for SR Guitars. I read the reviews of early adopters and I'm tempted. I envisioned a Custom 77 but I did not finish the headstock. I thought that for 445 €, I could take the risk. I also saw that it was manufactured in Korea which reassures me more than China for violin making (experience of older Koreans).
I received the guitar in 48 hours. Good follow up delivery and good packing. At the opening of the case, the look is reassuring. The guitar is very well done. She looks good in photographs of the site. The finishes are nearly perfect (I just saw a very slight paint mark beside one of the key benchmarks). This guitar is very heavy (4.2 Kg). That's what I was looking for the spirit of a Les Paul with the old body and timber. The game vacuum reassures me, it feels good right away (very) Sustain (the body is mahogany).
After I plug the amp. I need a little time to adjust the setting in relation to microphones, but after it's all good to see the good. The microphone is set near acute ropes. It sends a lot. It is also very progressive between a sweet game and play supported. Without changing the volume can go from light to crunch just on the game as a mediator. The microphone is set to further serious strings. It can venture into the Jazz without a problem. The intermediate position is less enthralling than a ES 335, for example. The pickups are splitables what was not on a Les Paul but Honestly if I want to play on single-coil pickups I rather take my strato. Then I played on guitar rig to see the reaction of the beast in the other register. Again that's all good (Hard Rock, Metal, Blues, Funk ,...).
I'm really happy with my choice, nice guitar, well finished, that sounds all that nickel to a very reasonable price. I like the order No. 56, I'll assume I'm the 56 clients in this young company. I already know I'll watch carefully watch their production and other models.