Tenson Les Paul Standard
Tenson Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard, LP-Shaped Guitar from Tenson.

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joelatouf 05/24/2006

Tenson Les Paul Standard : joelatouf's user review


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Oulaaa, it must come from deep in the core or China, but certainly not the U.S. ...

otherwise CHARACTERISTICS level, a similar as two drops of water a Les Paul any ordinary except that it is much less than Paisse MODEL standard (which is not so bad, but ... it's good even when not the same), and the handle is a handle al ...

otherwise, the finish is really bad, it can be to say, and stand in my buttons are of poor quality.

Apart from a she is really pretty for a guitar of this price l. has also counts. Usually the price other guitars are really ugly, whereas a small-l style that makes you pay attention to ...

all j'v to 4 for color nice.


Ergonomics, a similar grossomodo) any guitar of this price is the rapidly boring for qq1 who knows a little play, but the handle is rather plain, I will not agragle, but like all the MODEL Paul is just the highway ...


Aaa sound, has become interesting.

Besides the fact that it is nice for a guitar of this price, you can have an interesting range of sounds, in two of micro hambuckers.

The switch in the rhythm will play solo at the trs ptits hot jazz all stratos environment.
And if not, the switch in the treble, be really good for distortion and a little more funky stuff.

I will say finally sounds, that's really the only guitar of this price that has such a slam. This sound a bit like that of the stratum ', this award is really the only one.

Finally, I must not get carried away because once again that price, may vary greatly from one another guitar. But I is 7 kan same because it dmarque srieusement.


I have less than a year ...

I would say that it's a great entry level guitar. Trs little CHRE. It can be found for 150, and finally, with its friendly enough. In addition she is really pretty

APRS, ct bad things is bad finish trs, the spices are bad bills and trs jouabilit remains basic.

Here I put 6 ... Just because she has a look that I love and with the same labeled J'voudrais gibson l-top.