Audiofanzine Tee Shirt
Audiofanzine Tee Shirt

Tee Shirt, Merchandise from Audiofanzine.

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Audiofanzine Tee Shirt : Anonymous 's user review


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I have this product for several weeks dj.
Note dj sleeves are original: indeed unlike those of a sweater or sweat shirt it shorter. Some say it's a inconvnient since the thermal protection is less. True, but it should be noted also that the installation is facilitated: no risk of a finger stuck and twisted because of a wrist handle too strait. And I do not even those who have children who can not dress himself ...

I did not have hlas try before you buy it because I ordered it by mail order. Fortunately I know my needs and he agreed right away. Its texture is silky and smooth, its color is a rare sober lgante trs. As for the transfer (of a somewhat sensationalist yellow dor hlas) their quality looks suprieure. Note that it is fully compatible with all the hangers on the market (including air).
Hlas like many of its products This category Resistors of armpit sweating is the weak point. But at the same time is a constant in the t-shirt on this point is that even when in front of the sweatshirt fleece.
It should not be carried away by the strong Lumire because of its dark color that absorbs all the heat energy from sunlight. Or if you need even when put through Lumire high (> 1500 lux), the cool privilgiez (skiing, morgue, etc. ...). Picard store

It cost me 16 euros book it seems. So affordable that places trs well against the competition (Music Run t-shirt, shirt, Hugoceps shirt). Its quality is comparable to the major brands (New Man, Frouteofzeuloume, Creeks).

I have fortunately not had the opportunity to test the VAS, knock on wood because I have read on the forums silent techniques that manufactured by Asian workers is relatively poorly paid. Even if they are known for their seriousness, I would not want my shirt back to the manufacturer for repair.

most: price, quality size sleeves
Cons: the color of the transfer, the country of manufacture (South East Asia, not as citizens trs purchase)