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phraseland 12/05/2008

Korg Kdm-2 : phraseland's user review


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I was looking for a metronome that allowed me to tap in the tempo, was loud enough so I could play my dreadnought along with it and had a sound that didn't hurt my ears after a few hours of playing. I looked hard and eventually only found the KDM-2 by Korg. A lot of the other metronomes try to be as small as possible or cut corners elsewhere. This one is bigger than most of its competitors but I find it to be still small enough to be taken out.

The advantages of a bigger size are of course:
- bigger display
- louder and better sounding click
- normal batteries can be used

This metronome also doesn't make the mistake that it tries to be a is just a very good metronome. You can adjust the beats and have even presets for clave and similar rhythms. The tap button is very present on the top of the unit and the accent is also visible via an LED that either lights up green or red.

The only thing I have to complain is that they didn't think of building in an 'auto-off' don't forget to turn the unit off when you're done using it. The batteries do last a long time but after a week or two of just being turned on even they will run dry.