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Samson Technologies 5kit
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victormelamade victormelamade
Publié le 10/19/08 à 07:57
This is a nice little drum microphone package from Samson. I got these as my first drum mics because of the obvious benefit that they are so cheap. You are getting 5 very usable mics for an entry level engineer at less than $200, which is really just an amazing value. The sound quality of these mics is not top notch, but having this many mics to close mic more drums in your kit will make up for the fact that the recording quality is not that great, because your overall sound will be better than if you just bought one mic for $200. So on the value, these mics score really well. All the mics in the package are dynamic mics, and they are all cardioid so that means they will help eliminate a lot of bleed from the other drums and from the hi-hat and cymbals. That will help you get more clarity in your mixing. Included in the package are three tom mics which come with rim clips to help you get the mic in the right place. You get one Q snare mic, which also has the appropriate rim clip. You also get one larger kick drum mic which comes with a swiveling mount, which is nice because it can be tricky to get a kick drum mic to sit in the right place if you need to stick it inside of a drum head. You also get a nice carrying case for all the mics to keep them safe and organized. They all connect up with XLR cables.


I used these for a couple years before I upgraded to a better drum mic package. They did serve me very well. I am a drummer so I can tell you that you are not going to be blown away with the sound of your drums, but this is a nice entry level way to start having some control over all of the drums in your set individually when you are mixing, which you can't do with only 1 or 2 perhaps nicer mics that you could get with the same amount of money. They don't sound amazing, but for the price it's a nice deal.