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Dark Vibes 05/19/2005

ESI NeON : Dark Vibes's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I bought this keyboard because I wanted an "all in one" not too expensive, and good quality audio, to run the VSTi in Cubase, with its nickel + connect an Access Virus B as input e audio and MIDI connection.

Connections of bte:

- 2 line level inputs Jack 6.35 mm
- 1 Mic / 1 between Hi-Z instrument jack 6.35
- 2 Audio outputs, Jack 6.35
- One headphone Stro, Jack 6.35
- 1 between pedals
- Between a power supply
- 1 USB ... 1.1, I think.

All connectors are Jack Plate Or

At Controller:

- 3 wheels: a pitch bend, a modulation, and a horizontal wheel that can affect things diffrent (gnial)
- 2 + button in October and October - to transpose the keyboard steals
- 2 + button SEL and SEL - dfile to preset values ​​on o VSTi
- 16 snaps (numriques values, select assignable ...)
- 8 potentiomtres finished
- 8 endless toothed wheels (gnial)

Sound Card ESI stamp inside, so crystal clear. (I had an ESI Waveterminal 192X before, and all the same: top)

Why 9 / 10 then? Well, for four reasons:

- No external power book (no glop, but good for the price ...)
- USB cable really too short for comfortable use (not glop, but good for the price ...)
- Screen with only tiny segments-September 3 (no glop, but good for the price ...)
- Headphone jack and volume knob corresponding to the rear, not practical at all (not glop, but uh ... not good glop -> Ergonomics regrettable error)

Otherwise excellent collection's outdoor appearance, very solid, and pretty color.


The touch keyboard is simply fantastic for the price. It's like a synth 10,000 bales. It's perfect my use ... Any fawn, it is understood that a 25-key keyboard can not be used too to Chopin. So I use it for Trance, it is top-marmoset.

Gnrale configuration is very simple. You install the CD, Plugge on the keyboard, everything is recognized .. . Be careful, because under Windows 2000, it blew up the OS (reboot when connecting USB). The bte WXP seems compatible only. No need to install Service Pack priori.

The manual sucks. Roughly a dozen pages filled a hurry, the one reading does absolutely no understanding of how the keyboard assignments Controller ... In short, a disaster, but for once, even when I put 10/10, because this keyboard is a bomb. The DIFFERENT VSTi I've experienced great rpondent tampering of the Controller.


I bought this keyboard last Sunday.

what j'apprcie the most?
- The touch of the keyboard (heavyweight)
- The reliability and the relative "heaviness" of the machine compactness despite a very practical
- The quality of the sound card
- Latency ridiculous (1.5 ms)
- The original of certain Controller (horizontal wheel, wheels notched endless ...)
- Drivers super stable (as usual, ESI), and software bundle light but sufficient
- Gold Plated Connectors (for the price!)

I blame him?
- knob headphone volume and the rear (that Balaud)
- Manuel le
- No external power supply book
- 25 keys may be a little fair to really play a tight range on a Młoda

I do not really "essayquot; to other models, but with j'hsitais Ozonic before finally look for neon. Ozonic Certainly the more control, a joystick , 37 keys, is 24/96, and FW, with a large bright blue screen, but even when rated 2 times the price of neon for an audio quality is probably similar to the Sometimes (I especially m'intressais latency and ct "punchy" sound card, and frankly, in these areas, it seems to me difficult to do "much" better than the Neon .. .).

The ratio Q / P is simply outstanding. OK, it's a brand Coren, but frankly, we are left with one thing the appearance and rendering audio "high end" for a price drisoire ... It remains to see what will its use in the harsh, but priori, it's solid.

At sound card, I pass in five years by ISIS (no comment), a Hoontech (yuck), an ESI Waveterminal 192X (his gnial, copy of neon), and a MOTU 828 Mk2 (the Rolls, but oversized for my current needs, and frankly, not much more impressive for rendering audio in Cubase VST)

It is obvious that the choice I would do for the same budget. If I wanted to put twice as much, I probably would have taken the Ozonic, but in its price range of 200/250 euros, neon has virtually no competition srieuse.

I would put my mind when I day "poussquot; a little more bte: B virus between MIDI and audio, and control of multiple tracks in Cubase SX ... But I do not think that the final opinion is as good as the tests relate to future proof the development of a sound card and convertos, and in this field, ESI adjacent proven, at least with me (see Waveterminal 192X).