Novation Remote 25 Audio Xtreme
Novation Remote 25 Audio Xtreme

Remote 25 Audio Xtreme, MIDI + Audio Keyboard Controller from Novation in the Remote series.

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lanquarem 09/17/2004

Novation Remote 25 Audio Xtreme : lanquarem's user review


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I wanted a Swiss Army knife for scne: both Audio Interface, Controller afternoon to use my apps, extra keyboard and synth with a max of CONTRL ACCS in direct my sound to work Live.

Ds I heard about the Extreme remote I prcipit above. I do not really regret it.

Scne my config: Dell, PIVM, 1024MB RAM, Ableton Live, Acid, a Triton Studio, a mixer (and a nice ending for Firewire interface MAUDIO 18/14).


Installation without problem, but not well explained in the manual in French and quite a few steps. Finally, I am not shooting next step.

Inquitant a message at the first launch with my laptop. Something like blue screen / fatal error. It has happened twice now and all is well ...

The manual is a little short for the audio / Controller noon, no harm done on the synth part. Finally I ended up without too much difficulty dbrouiller becaufe the toy is well made and of the same function for all buttons and connections are all top brand ... as a little sense ...


No problem for now. I intended to serve me a lot of 25 for Remote CONTRL Live and Acid, but actually I just play with the synth so I do not have much practice. I will return the card when I complter Advanced.

No latency problem for me.

I did 4 gigs with dj (electro jazz, solo or with guests) and I'm really uh-gerous!

3 months later small nuance: the toy is fragile. I have two potentiomtres dj cass. I'm not careful trs, but all the same I carry lots of stuff and there is the remote that takes. Maldiction or lack of robustness?