Novation Remote 25 Audio Xtreme
Novation Remote 25 Audio Xtreme

Remote 25 Audio Xtreme, MIDI + Audio Keyboard Controller from Novation in the Remote series.

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Spoogue 04/28/2004

Novation Remote 25 Audio Xtreme : Spoogue's user review


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CHARACTERISTICS good long enough to list the fact that the machine has three namely:
-A sound card
Twelve o'clock, a controller
-A real K-Station synth in innovation

-Sound Card: characterized by 2 inputs and 2 outputs 24bits/48khz
inputs are inputs that can be neutrik Aplique some small effects live (reverb, delay, compression). The effects are not too bad but I rather to give me some ideas quickly, I still prefer the vst. It has a power supply for phamtom "Beaus pickups" and direct monitoring sistem monitoring.
In terms of quality, but it's not a motu ca like the road despite the USB 1.0

Controller-noon: what happiness Piouf 50 templates to program (there is already ready-made)
all is, the keyboard and knobs are well made. we lack anything, it's really perfect.
9 faders, 19 faders (including 3 / 4 race has infinite ).....

-Synth: bah is not played, it's a genuine K-station. I veins of the upgrade so I do not know all the caractréristiques.

I put 9 in principle, one can always do better



No installation problems, but we must follow the manual. is not complicated but quite confusing.
I takes only 7 because even though he could do would be easier to buggers
Never Installed problem (on my machine because I know some people are kind of small perverse effects if they put out the 25 ca put out the remote pc)


I personally use it with cubase and I am very satisfied. I've mostly from the south so it suits me perfectly. Latency and quite properly on my machine. I have never encountered a problem and what a joy to be able to control his synths dous as easily.