Korg nanoKONTROL2
Korg nanoKONTROL2

nanoKONTROL2, MIDI Console from Korg in the nano series.

fabamarie 06/21/2011

Korg nanoKONTROL2 : fabamarie's user review

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Value For Money : Poor
I just unpack the product, want to test it because I had the opportunity to have cheap
I work on Logic 9, grip: 2 seconds, you download the small dmg for GarageBand and Logic on the Korg site and it is impressive as the Nano is recognized faster.

everything works on Logic, the fader start function when they reach the virtual fader in fact, also the pan, not bad assayed for accuracy, a good feeling, too bad for central panoramic does is not marked by a small notch. it's great for what is to lay the marker and move one to the other (which does not feature in GarageBand), the cycle mode, the control keys. which is great when it works rewire, I use logic, reason and TotalMix RME and there is fun to run Logic while having something displayed on the screen (mouse and keyboard you have to click the window logic to direct the DAW)

faults: I'm not used to working with a surface, I want to clarify that everything is black, it is necessary each time a little time to find their way (fader1, 2, 3 or 4, where's my coffee? what I'm trying to move?) buttons play, stop, solo, mute etc. .... do not inspire confidence (I already had one that slammed after nanopad1 1 year, I used it only once a month) these buttons are cumbersome to support, they are soft with the game so it will answer with the delay or so must have great strength (but hey, the feeling is bad c is a shame)

it says in the instructions that can connect multiple sub Logic (no garageband) but hey, given the size and operation of faders (who must move the project from those we are trying to find out the race fader of nanocontrol when connecting) it did not interest (unless you like the buttons mute, solo etc ...)
I just open it, Quick is good, big damper on the feel of the buttons and legibility of the "all black", I repost if I have anything to add in future uses, I do not know if we can say it's worth the price or not, I got it for gift certificates, so I think if I do not use more than one month after, I would say that it's not worth its price
Watch this space .....