Peavey PC 1600 X
Peavey PC 1600 X
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AnimalTracksStudio 05/12/2008

Peavey PC 1600 X : AnimalTracksStudio's user review


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Peavey has certainly packed a lot of features into a small and rather tank like package with the PC1600X. Let’s just say that if you know midi and are comfortable with handling the commands that midi offers, there is really nothing that you can not make this thing do in your midi / DAW system.

It can handle programming and midi tweaking with the sixteen sliders, or you can also use it to handle you audio volume level and pan moves in your DAW mix-down.

I have used one for four years and it never failed to do what I purchased it to do and more.

The only real drawbacks on this unit are that it uses a HUGE power pack of the wall wart variety a whole 16 volts, the display is small and, at time rather cryptic and the volume sliders are not motorized and so you don’t get a visual representation when you go bank to bank as you might in a DAW use.

On the up side it comes with fifty presets that cover everything from Pro Tools presets to keyboards and Harmonizers so there is a good chance that you can use it right out of the box without anything more than some minor tweaking of the settings.

You will find that saving the settings you make is more of a chore than the actual programming, but worth it once you are done.

You can also name and save your presets so that you can have exactly what you want at your fingertips when you need it and named something that is good for you.

I retired mine earlier this year when I got a unit with motorized faders. But it still is working and I gave it to a friend that uses it daily in his home studio. These are great units and well worth looking into.