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The MIDIYodi editor updated to v3

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Canato MidiYodi 3
News Canato MidiYodi 3

MIDI Editor from Canato

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Public price: $12 incl. VAT
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Canato released version 3 of its MIDIYodi MIDI file player, editor and converter.

MIDIYodi can do almost anything you need with MIDI files, such as editing and converting. The software for Mac, PC and Linux features the following:

  • A MIDI file examiner with file browser that displays various information (instruments, duration, tempo, key, etc.), a file content examiner (all the tracks, a time grid, volume curves for each instrument, markers, lyrics…), keyboard and score examiners that display the notes in each track, and a view of the different events (position, category, type and value)
  • An editor with converter, save, add/remove tracks, transpose, rhythm change, section remove, etc.
  • A file player with transport controls, loop mode, track Mute and Solo

Version 3 of MIDIYodi has just been released and adds the following changes:

  • Jukebox to manage playlists
  • Ability to save selected tracks to separate MIDI files
  • Type 1 < > 0 file conversion
  • Meta text and karaoke lyrics information added to the main view
  • Meta information added to the Score/Keyboard Examiners, they can be customized via the Preferences panel
  • Controller name prefix with their respective numbers
  • Auto Explore option added to the MIDI File explorer
  • Drag and drop in the main and jukebox windows
  • New shortcuts
  • Various improvements

MIDIYodi is available for $12.95, it has been developed in Java so you’ll need the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer. More info at www.canato.se


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