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[NAMM] Eroktronix Miditron Wireless

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Eroktronix MidiTron Wireless
News Eroktronix MidiTron Wireless

MIDI Interface from Eroktronix

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Eroktronix releases MidiTron Wireless, a wireless sensor-to-MIDI interface.

It consists of a compact sensor interface/transmitter unit and a corresponding receiver/output unit which interfaces via USB or MIDI. It provides 20 inputs in any combination of up to 10 analog inputs and 20 digital inputs.

MidiTron™ Wireless is uni-directional. Sensor inputs are converted and sent wirelessly to a receiver unit, which outputs MIDI messages. It is designed to be a small, flexible, robust, long-range solution for creating wireless sensor controllers for real-time use in performance, installations and other scenarios.

MidiTron™ Wireless Features
  • Small transmitter (2 5/8” x 1 1/2” x 1 1/2”); encloses internal antenna and 9v battery
  • Can be worn on body
  • 1000 foot range under ideal conditions; several hundred foot range possible even with obstructions
  • Uses 900 MHz frequency band for less interference than the increasingly crowded 2.4 GHz band
  • Uses highly reliable RF chip set proven in live performance situations
  • Eight selectable channels allow eight units to be used simultaneously or channel switching if interference is encountered
  • Continuous re-transmit of sensor values virtually eliminates drop-out or lost data
  • Very low latency transmit (maximum 7 ms with all sensors enabled)
  • Very low latency USB and MIDI output (actual latency system dependent)
  • Normal (7-bit) and high (10-bit) resolution analog modes available
  • Easily configured with menu-driven programming patch
  • No network configuration required as with Bluetooth or WiFi
  • Standard MIDI and USB-MIDI input/output ports
  • With USB, appears on computer as a standard MIDI device with no special drivers required
  • Once configured, can be used as a standalone MIDI device without a computer
  • Several interchangeable styles of connector boards allow flexibility in making sensor connections
  • Three-pin style connector board allows direct interfacing of popular sensors available from other manufacturers

Eroktronix has also MidiTron, a non-wireless system.

MidiTron MSRP is 149 $
MidiTronTM Wireless MSRP is 495 $
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