M-Audio Midisport Uno
M-Audio Midisport Uno

Midisport Uno, MIDI Interface from M-Audio in the Midisport series.

JeffTadashi 05/11/2012

M-Audio Midisport Uno : JeffTadashi's user review

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The M-Audio Midisport Uno is a usb 1x1 midi interface that is compacted into cable form, thus making it pretty easy to connect a single midi device to a computer without the need for any additional midi cables. It is over 6 feet in length and can reach to any devices that are located near a computer setup. It includes both midi out and midi in, although it can be confusing which connection is which, since you would have to connect the Midisport's midi in to the device's midi out, and connect the Midisport's midi out to the device's midi in. It always requires some trial and error to make sure the Midisport is plugged in correctly.


The M-Audio generally requires the drivers to be installed separately, and at least on my older Windows XP system, two sets of drivers were necessary: Midisport drivers, and Midisport loader drivers. When plugging the Midisport into the computer for the first, time, it must run through both hardware driver installations for both the loader and the actual device. This can be confusing, and hopefully M-Audio has updated this driver system for Windows 7. I have no experience using this particular interface on a Mac system.

Like most midi interfaces, the Midisport works flawlessly, and I never noticed any signal lag or loss of signal or data. There are even LED's on the device that lets you know when the Midisport is powered, and when it is receiving midi in, and when it is sending midi out.


Overall, this is a great, simple midi interface if you only plan on using it with a single midi device. Being in cable form has it's advantages, but it can also be awkward if, for example, the cable does not reach far enough, or if in a certain wiring, the central box floats awkwardly in the air. But overall, it is extremely portable and works as advertised. Perfect for laptop setups!