M-Audio Midisport Uno
M-Audio Midisport Uno

Midisport Uno, MIDI Interface from M-Audio in the Midisport series.

LeBeginner 08/26/2004

M-Audio Midisport Uno : LeBeginner's user review


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USB Midi interface 1in/1out ...
Nothing simpler. Perfect in the mind of a small config with a single link Synth (Triton The one, in this case) / PC (a Sony Vaio laptop).

Solid side ... ZERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............


Installing the Drivers in XP weird .... The new version of drivers is more cool to be installed.
Bad point, the drivers are still not signed for XP.


I bought it in January. And until yesterday, everything was fine the childhood of art even for a beginner like me. No problem in SX and SX 2.
Since I use my laptop for something other than music, I disconnected regularly to take my PC. Yesterday, I was surprised to find it désagéable the ground. My time, the weight of the MIDI cables are 3m long played against me and Isaac Newton did the rest.
Never mind, I reconnect my interface, I turn on my PC and ....... nothing.
No one who lights loupiotte.

Reaction # 1: It's still my Windaube that show .... logic, it's Microsoft after all!

I retappe an installation of drivers ... medlars.
I try to update him on where the driver is ... nada.

Reaction # 2: Before I redo a reinstallation of XP, I plugged into another pc all clean ...
Well, peanuts ....!
is no better.
So is the interface that shit .... Grrrrr!!

Tomorrow I go home seller to moan