Midi Solutions Quadra Thru
Midi Solutions Quadra Thru

Quadra Thru, MIDI Interface from Midi Solutions.

julien.georges1 09/30/2014

Midi Solutions Quadra Thru : julien.georges1's user review

«  COMPATIBILITY WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! »

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Being able to swing 4 midi thru, it's dream ....
I drive a set with a MPC500 or MC303 groove box, and I rebalance to a micron (he even equipped with thru), a Volca beat, a Rocket and Sledge .... short of what machiqne live ....
Or swing thru the Mainstage from Logic or through a fast track to the effects.

Otherwise the case is a little cheap, it's a piece of plastic, given the price huh .... but I suggest you keep warm in your studio, forget raves ....


And .... there is the drama ...... it does not work and why? because this little beast is powered by lunchtime and all the becannes do not .... Basically we have to check the compatibility of your machine before purchasing. There is a list as long as your arm (not exhaustive) from noon solution. But for example, forget your Maschine, Micron, Mpc, Babyface and everything midi interface (like not possible to control an app), the Beatstep and Mini Brut (yes, really, it's not a joke) or the Nord Lead .......


Bah I do not see that it will use ultimately does not work with half of my set, I turned to a Kenton Midi thru (this time with 5 output) in metal housing with EATING!