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Thread Nektar LX61 Impact VS Novation Launchkey 61?

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Topic Nektar LX61 Impact VS Novation Launchkey 61?
Im in between these two options. I am a piano player and i also have a motif back home. I play and write music rock-metal etc so not a traditional piano player. I also perform live (mostly organs, pads and piano). That is one reason Nektar LX61 Impact is a good value for money for me (keybed) but Novation is also very good value for money.
How important are the sounds that come with novation? How important is the easy mapping of novation? Are these realllllly important or is it just a bit hard to kickstart without them and then you learn how to do it yourself?

Ill make some basic use of it as im new to the midi world, some reverbs and effects, assigning mainly different sounds to change them during performance and i would defenitely like to split the keyboard for 2 sounds.

I would also love if there is option to have 2 sounds at the same time and all these kind of nice things like aplying the sustain pedal to only one of the two sounds (split sounds). Do all midi do that or is it just program related? Do both support the vast majority of mainstream programs out there?

If you have experience with both keyboards your input is VERY valuable to me. Thnx.
Hi Philipc,

The Launchkey 61 is a great option for a MIDI controller. While it was designed to be integrated with Ableton Live directly, it is still a MIDI controller nonetheless. This means that you can freely assign the encoders and sliders to anything that is MIDI assignable within your DAW or Virtual Instrument of choice. You also have transport control available with the device as well.

If you are looking to setup zones or split the sounds coming from the virtual instrument, those key assignments will typically be done within the plugin itself.

The Launchkey 61 does come with our Bass and V-Station virtual synths. While you are not required to use them, they both are great sounding instruments that can be used in any AU or VST host DAW.

If you would like to see, how the Launchkey is set up in different DAWs here is a great pdf guide :

Please contact us if you should have any issues with using the Launchkey, if it is in fact the device that you end up purchasing.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,
David // Novation Technical Support