Rocktron All Access
Rocktron All Access

All Access, MIDI Pedal from Rocktron.

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Corto Axeman 08/13/2005

Rocktron All Access : Corto Axeman's user review


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This must be 2 years that I use to replace a Behringer FCB-1010, which became too small ...

- Solid construction, the chassis switches up!
- The possibility to configure each of the 15 switches to the values ​​you want the midi channel you want
- Each of the three rows of five switches can be selected to generate Program Change (basically, it changes a program or preset in your racks), or control change (basically, it changes the value of a parameter in one of your programs)
- 2 TRS jacks for connecting effects pedals or volume, whose signal is processed and transmitted via MIDI
- A record 7-pin MIDI Out, allowing to feed it through your rack with a phantom power supply (no power supply of cable lying around on stage!)

I use it with 5 racks each with a different MIDI channel, with 10 of the lower switches that change programs, and 5 the highest values. So when I press one of the lower 10, I have 1 to 5 of my racks that change program at the same time, with a tap of the foot.

For the top 5, an example: I set a switch to vary the output volume of my multi fx + 3 dB. Useful when the drummer is unleashed and your volume pedal is already donf: one tap and you win 3 dB output ... happens when the quiet that follows in the song, a new tap on the switch, and presto, - 3 dB without leaving the hands of the handle ...

What I find damage:
- It has "only" 128 pitches for program changes ... it sounds great already, but this pedal opens so many possibilities, you abuse the Program Change ... and you put racks behind, the more possibilities increase (see your course on statistics in Maths Terminale)
- Having to manage the Program Change and Control Change row by row .. again, it's like the comment above, when the machine becomes full, it would be nice to be able to customize more .. but it really is as ultra small note ...

In short, a super good machine (fortunately for the price!) Which justifies the image "high end" which sticks to the skin, both in its manufacture than it works.

One last tip: heat Excel, as you remember then, what switch change what program in which rack ... Good luck!