Ashdown Perfect Ten MiniRig
Ashdown Perfect Ten MiniRig

Perfect Ten MiniRig, Other Bass Amplifier from Ashdown in the All Access series.

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clayton d. 06/01/2011

Ashdown Perfect Ten MiniRig : clayton d.'s user review

«  Small. Practice. Powerful »

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Amp "stack" transistor, 65 watts. A head and two cabinets 10 ", 16 ohms each (which can be problematic in case of failure of HP!).

The front of the amp is a classic: 5 knobs (gain, bass, mid, treble, output), an INPUT, a LINE-IN, and a headphone output. It adds a button to "SUB" to inflate the bottom of the spectrum in case of need (ie almost all the time ... Yes, it's 2x10!).


Extremely simple configuration, you connect, play ... It sounds right away, that's right!


I played mostly post-rock in a formation of 6 musicians. I play all the time in hand, so no need to sound non-standard (like slap, or crunch / mediator). My two basses have found a new boyfriend with this MiniRig ... The sound is transparent (no bass slobbering rotting mix). A simple adjustment of the EQ to switch from one world to another who wants to sound more punk or stoner.

Note that the preamp tends to saturate past the 80% gain, but it's negligible if you set the EQ well.


On a whim, I bought the MiniRig (200 euros on a classifieds site in a "corner") because that Ashdown is damn good (I tested many times the MAG 300 and ABM 500), and I needed an amp with a handy little power, and I was not disappointed! The sound is super clean ... I fear the lack of power, but the 65 W transistor actually do their job under the repetitions or small scenes (gauge 100 people).

on the other hand in a situation "studio" is not really measure up. But it is clear that this amp does not place himself in the upscale home Ashdown, and is not intended to compete with names like Ampeg or Mesa.