Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer (Original)
Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer (Original)

Bass Micro Synthesizer (Original), Other Bass Effect from Electro-Harmonix in the Micro Synthesizer series.

prodilion 02/26/2004

Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer (Original) : prodilion's user review


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Simple, effective, and vintage look 100% analog.

An on / off switch for the power supply adapter (no battery).
A bypass button for the foot.
10 knobs straight vertical hand ------->

Part mixer allows to reconstruct a sound by the addition of these four signals available:
- Guitar (the input signal but not quite neutral)
- Octave (octave suprieure gnre)
- Sub-octave (octave infrieure gnre)
- Square wave (waveform signal edge after the extreme hyper-saturated, so it falls on a "square", then analog synth sound).
It also has an amplitude envelope play:
- Attack (rising amplitude effect of the volume swell type)

A portion of the filter envelope evolves from a frquence rsonance bandpass another:
- Start freq
- Stop freq
- Rate (speed of transition freq freq start stop)
- Reso (resonant bandpass filter which evolves)
The filter envelope Get You Started on clean attack, adjustable thanks:
- Trigger (the sensitivity)

The freq freq start stop and have the same range, so we can go from serious or aige aige serious choice.

There is therefore a varieties of sounds by additive synthse one hand and envelope filter on the other. Finally, it is a traditional analog synth o oscillators are replaced by the output signal of the bass / guitar.

The IDE is simple and effective.


No memory although sr (100% analog) so you have to redo its rglages between songs, by noting on a piece of paper. It is not modern but it has a certain charm.

You can change frquence a live hand-to evolve the sound but the last ca dpend sustain the note. The sound ranges from a another frquence then stays there. on the other hand, it does not change the foot well from bypass sr. For a wah, wah-wah to a ...

on the other hand are made very easy with all the sounds you get the ide thanks its simple concept. Finally, the presets, they are in the head and ear.


Compared to other envelopes filters I tried matrise is greater with the Micro Synthesizer with the Q-Tron, for example, thanks to the knobs straight, so the sound is more Microsynth B. convincing. And then we have a good octave more! The FM4 Line6 not the same spirit, it is more exprimental more difficult rgler quickly and less vintage sound I think. Finally they are not really competing.

TRS also works well with a guitar. One note both the octave if it does not exist. The envelope filter is a phrase INTERESTED solo, and an octave riff (by blocking the filter with the trigger).

The panel is standard with imagination because the combinations rglages are great.
The doc provides examples of sounds for different uses (the typical squence, or typical moog). It should also play with the attack. In my humble opinion, pair it with a compressor and a noise-gate upstream would facilitate the use fingers for playing Electro-Harmonix recommends using a well mdiator for a sharp attack.

You have a low and you would like a moog on scne? Ben sailing.


The Bass Micro Synthesizer Electro-Harmonix is ​​located halfway between the wah and effects numriques Muls or more labora (multi-effects or FM4), but neither the one or the other! It allows to easily obtain the sound which is an ide thanks its simple concept. However, it remains appropriate and limit the sounds of bass lines. Do not be fooled by the term "synthesizer", which is just nanmoins, but in the spirit analogue synth, bass synth not fawn DX7.

It will bring the electro funk or rock'n'roll in your ... 100% analog.