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Digidesign D-Command Producer’s Desk

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Digidesign D-Command Producer’s Desk
News Digidesign D-Command Producer’s Desk

Computer Keyboard from Digidesign

Digidesign announces D-Command Producer Desk.

For D-Command users, the D-Command Producer’s Desk provides an ergonomic worksurface that incorporates a built-in Pro Tools Custom Keyboard, your mouse, and your computer monitor onto the same level as your console, designed to provide a more comfortable and efficient workflow. Available in a dark color scheme for the D-Command ES console or the original blue for D-Command, the D-Command Producer’s Desk attaches to your ICON console, giving you Pro Tools editing control on the same surface level as your encoders and faders.

The D-Command Producer’s Desk puts the keyboard onto the same surface level as your console for better access. And because it’s a Pro Tools Custom Keyboard, you should gain speed and efficiency to primary Pro Tools transport and editing functions through the color-coded, easy to navigate keys. Plus, the desk’s 2-port USB hub and surface plate allow you to connect a mouse (not included) and use it on the same surface level.

The desk can also be customized for Mac or Windows use as well as for lefties or righties. Use the included swappable keys to tailor the keyboard for Mac OS X or Windows key commands, and change the orientation of the keyboard and mouse plate to accommodate your left- or right-handedness. You can also thread cables through the hole in the top plate to connect devices to your computer or external gear, or remove the plate to reveal a level section that’ll hold a computer display (up to 23 inches). Plus, there’s extra space to set your coffee mug, surround panner, notepad, remotes, bobblehead, and other items within easy reach.

The D-Command Producer’s Desk will be shipping soon and is available for pre-order at your local authorized Digidesign dealer.
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