Atari 1040 STE
Atari 1040 STE

1040 STE, Other Computer from Atari.

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jeffdepanam 11/20/2013

Atari 1040 STE : jeffdepanam's user review

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This is the ETS in 1040, with 3 MB of additional RAM for a total of 4 MB, and 20 MB HDD, the Atari SM 124 screen, monochrome, more suitable as a PC screen in the same time.
I have always used with a famous MIDI software, Notator SL, Cubase who competed well in its early versions. Note that Notator was the only sequenced by patterns, ie non-linear, as they are now.
The only remedy that I have done in 25 years was to change a component that had melted, otherwise, never down, which prevent me paser to digital audio, how indeed take a gear works so well!
With one input and four outputs (provided with Notator extansion twelve o'clock), I manage 64 channels without problem, but attention is that of noon!
I use a second Atari, this is only for editing and programming EVS-1, FM synth, but it's so complicated, FM synthesis, I dropped; stronger than I would have extra sounds with Atari / EVS-1. I also use an old PC to edit only synths (evolver and micro-modular), the Atari is my only sequencer. Buy one today would be ... shifted. In addition, DD and time software is found.