Atari 1040 STE
Atari 1040 STE

1040 STE, Other Computer from Atari.

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bassmans 08/04/2003

Atari 1040 STE : bassmans's user review


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And yes I have used for nearly 10 years in 1040 and even update from 520 in 1040.
The interface is very simple
at the time cubase was only firing on the sm 124 (nb monitor) and the computer despite the integrated MIDI output dedicated music really was not.
It was slow planting equipment regularly wore out very quickly (floppy drive Mouse)
However, it was easily portable and read the afternoon or sequences can synchronize it between machines via the south (nothing to do with the tower gm we see now)
must relativize after Commodore I think it was the only tool capable of making music for one low price
Macs them being still out of reach and the top of the poster.

a brief tool that is out of date but some remember Excellent memory (I did a lot of models on cd 1040)
I put 4 for the MIDI port.