Commodore Amiga 1200
Commodore Amiga 1200

Amiga 1200, Other Computer from Commodore.

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Benjd800 05/29/2006

Commodore Amiga 1200 : Benjd800's user review


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I add a few lines after the notice of Bluebox dessous.Ce just the guys did not understand everything I crois.on talking about the Amiga, not PC. what we are not care ... of his machine that does everything better than everyone connnait the Amiga and nothing can be judged based on the current machines CRITERIA ... an amiga 1200 running 14MHz core and 2MB Ram ... ct and it's 4 channels 8-bit! What we can do with these limitations is the incredible but is not comparable although sr what you can do with a PC today. So I see no point in saying "me my PCul it is 100 times stronger than your rotten Amiga "did not advance the schmilblick ... and that I found a used 75 pc can do what an A1200 ... ;)

Haaaa the Amiga 1200! it's a BCAN! Amiga fan since The beginning of the 90s I first had an A500: the joys of Protracker me! I then Discoveries with the South Bar & Pipes adchirait bug ... all that stuff! moves away much of the villain-not-beautiful St. .. Cubase on Atari as powerful as Cubase, but much more flexible, simpler and more beautiful.

In 1996 I shall decide to spend the Amiga 1200. j'achte also in the crowd noooorme a 1.2GB hard drive (lol) and a map acclratrice M-tec 68030 28Mhz.Avec this config I'll be a really crazy of the Amiga.Bar & pipes works even better, I do everything and anything my Amiga it without flinching, and any cash remaining in real time: for example I turn bar and pipes that controls both my JD-800 and Octamed (which plays a module of 2-way sync) and the same time I dclenche loops samples on two remaining channels. And it all with 8MB of RAM! Your exact frankly spectacular silent Amiga ... I could oblige any change during the game without worry of my squence from changing custom settings and software with a single click without altrer ... DLIR's total ...

halala I dgout idiots all of their firs Pentium 75 running on the new windows 95 ... I still see before my workbench incrdule booting in 5s with chrono ... rflexions like "ho but you got the trash it? is like windows 95!" -> H large we nase has been since 1986! or "pfff sucks not yammer pinball ..." or "what? you can format a floppy disk and do something else at the same time??" lol ... Go for the ignorant understand that the transition to the PC does a return to rear ct user interface, simplicity and flexibility over the Amiga back ... Brf our sheep:

I also had a small program that allowed gnial assign each note of an instrument twelve one VENT: thus making a "LA" on my JD I dclenchais an animation, making an "IF" an image displayed, while silent as possible and almost instantaneous! In the end I found myself with a random image clip synchronized to the rhythm that I played on my JD-800! Ms. try to do today with a PC ...

I used my Amiga for the South until 2002. I finally pass on Pc with the duo FruityLoops & Cubase for a simple reason: VST instruments, has no Amiga ...

SO! rcapituler for:

- How long have you use it?

intgriste the Amiga 1990 1999.utilisation frquente until 2002, and today utlisation occasional nostalgia.

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?

Most: TRUE Multitche.fiable, boot Express (5s boot!), Capacity for incredible graphics era (up to 1280x512 256 colors!) And so on ... that's good!

The -: No MIDI intgres, even CHARACTERISTICS sound the Amiga 500.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

bah I tried the PC and Windaubes 95 ... and I did Beuuuurk!

- How do you report qualitprix?

ngoc an Amiga 1200 is around 75 on E-bay ... for someone looking for a compact and quiet for use Midi is the top! provided they do not want to use VST Report qualitprix unbeatable ... Obviously!

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

APRS to you? ;)