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[Musikmesse] Open Labs DBeat

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The DBeat from Open Labs is a workstation - without keys.

A large display shows the info you need but the DBeat has 16 (17) pads instead of a keyboard.

Tthe DBeat has more than 10,000 sounds with an additional 14GB of sounds that come with the included, full feature version of AbletonTM Live 7, according to Open Labs.

DBeat comes with mappable real-time controllers, including Open Labs' Bump MPTM drum pads, the Mix/Edit digital audio workstation panel, and cDJ controls including a cross-fader.

Open Labs says DBeat puts "the feel" back in making music by including an integrated trackball, iPod-compatible cradle and 12-inch capacitive touch screen, which will be multi-touch capable with Windows 7 update.

The device will feature the ability to directly connect USB turntables and the compatibility with virtually any software, including DeckadanceTM, Serato Scratch LiveTM, TraktorTM, Pro ToolsTM, ReasonTM and more.

  • More than 10,000 high-quality sounds, plus an additional 14 GB included with the full-feature version of AbletonTM Live 7;
  • Open Labs' proprietary virtual instrument host RiffTM - the ultimate tool for live performance using VSTi's;
  • Bump MPTM 17-pad drum module controller paired with Open Labs' edition of GURUTM that includes eight engines, note repeat, chromatic mode, transport and more, gives DBeat all the feel of an MPC with none of the limitations;
  • Mix/Edit digital audio workstation controls include 8 plus 1 fully customizable faders, knobs and soft keys, and an additional 8 mappable knobs with a 2x20 LCD readout;
  • DJ panel with cross fader, 7 knobs, 2 encoders for pitch/BPM and 8 buttons all assignable to key parameters for live performance;
  • 12-inch capacitive touch screen (multi-touch capable with Windows 7 update) with an integrated trackball and an iPod-compatible cradle
  • Comprehensive I/O capable of up to 24bit/96KHz audio with 4 in / 6 out including 2 phantom-powered mic-pres with DI's, S/PDIF I/O and MIDI I/O;
  • Unlimited capability for running third party plug-ins, VSTi's and applications, including DeckadanceTM, Serato Scratch LiveTM, TraktorTM, Pro ToolsTM, ReasonTM and many more;
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive, dual-layer DVD burner, and FireWire, USB, DVI-I Video and Ethernet ports for easy connectivity ;
  • Portability perfect for DJs, music producers, and musicians on the go (26"L x 14"W x 5"H) and weighs approx. 20lbs;
  • Open Labs' Edition of WindowsTM, specifically configured for music production;
  • One year of Open Labs Gold Support Services which include: one-hour "Get to Know Your Machine" session, remote desktop support via Internet in addition to phone and email support, and full parts/labor warranty coverage.

DBeat - $3,999
$500 Rebate for pre-orders before June 10th.
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