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l'oncle job 10/11/2011

Cort C5H : l'oncle job's user review

«  nice bass »

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5-string guitar made in Indonesia, mahogany body, wenge neck humbuckers 2 MBA4 more micro breeder with beautiful finishes (really good for the price at which it is sold). it includes 24 cases


I am not a bass player but when I try my hand on the lower standard with which the bassist in my band plays (brand thunder, I do not know where it comes from somewhere else) I can only say yes: the handle the Cort C5H is more enjoyable with easy access to acute enough to put you at ease. played on a guitar amp sound is already good, so imagine the sound it can give you a bass amp


good for the sound, I'm more pop, R & B funk and jazz, but also a lot of African music (coupé décalé, dombolo etc ...) so I need a fairly versatile bass, the sound this bass gives enough metal and makes a rock can put as it incorporates a selector position, you can get a heavy sound which makes it versatile, it is not male. I kif too is that I feel that once the switch is on sharp sound is less strong but it's just an impression.


I purchased it not long ago at all, for I have my choice based on the only choice that was available on this website, and I think I really do not deceive myself, the value is really excellent