Cort Curbow5
Cort Curbow5
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Wabsbass 07/29/2005

Cort Curbow5 : Wabsbass's user review


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Say anything more than the previous ones opinion, it is that it is quite unusual for an instrument with as much rglages DIFFERENT ...


The handle is quite gnial (fine and fast), the highs are accessible trs. The body gives it a weight luthite trslger, which although enjoyable during long sessions ... The trs rglages are effective, allowing her to find a type easily.


Personally, it's the bass I use most. I play a lot in slap so it suits me well trs. on the other hand, for more pieces Tripp and softer, I prfre the sound of my other low round (SGC Nanyo Bass Collection 320), which provides more heat than the Curbow.
I play with a Digitech BP200, Tte and Cabinet HA3500 Hartke 410XL home.
So great diversity of sounds, but better in that slap bass round (lack of heat).


3 years that I use and I am happy with my purchase trs. If you slap on the bottom tripper, I strongly recommend this bass and has a potato and a mind-blowing precision. That said, if you have the blues, I'm not sr it is for you.
Again, her body luthite (plastic alloy) gives an amazing grain which makes it almost indispensable in terms sending the steak!
For the price, still has an excellent bass Designed for the slap.