Cort JPS5
Cort JPS5

JPS5, 5+ string bass guitar from Cort in the Signature series.

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loo cheet 10/10/2009

Cort JPS5 : loo cheet's user review


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The preceding review is quite comprehensive! I would add that there are micro Bartolini MK1 active preamp with Josh Paul on this. These micro and pre amp are mass produced but are doing their job!


by trying it, you quickly realize she is super nice and easy to play. That said slappeur appreciate the spacing between the strings, while a "mediator" no. Also, the thumb easily finds its place for a game on his finger.

The shape is very nice for my taste and weight can play a very long time in rehearsal or concert, without suffering from back pain.
Its level, the active pre-amp can quickly get to make a sound, it lacks precision for my taste but the power is there.
Indeed, in the bass, I always had a vague impression of around 130Hz. The use of a good parametric EQ and a comp to hide it.

I would say that for the live or repeat, but it is an excellent bass for studio recording is limited.


When I bought it, I was the neo-metal with a lot of lines of slap. Since then and today, I (I did) post rock, post hardcore, big metal, dub reggae or oxen. I could always insert myself in a mix, listen. It is quite versatile.

Now for the most common use I make of: metal:
100% of the time: knob micro zero (50% of each half so)
Pr equalization:
90% of the time:
bass 3 / 4 (above zero), medium - 3 / 4 and treble at the bottom. So I can play slapper and finger with a well-rounded bass, perfect for groovy lines. if we pass on the sixteenth to 105, then I put my thumb on the bridge pickup for more precision attack. (So ​​the bass is less dominant)
riffs on still faster, I lower the bass volume pot with 1 / 2 (tjours above zero) and the medium changed to 0
tapping over the medium to pass 1 / 2

I have an ampeg B2Re


I use this low since January 2004, at the time I tried well over my budget (Vigier, Musiman, Noguera, ...) to see how a super good bass sounds. I tried a Yamaha, Warwick, Ibanez in the same price (800 / 900 euros at the time). I really hesitated Ave warwick but the grain is so typical of Warwick scared me. I found the yamaha too heavy and not easy to play slap.

With the experience I would do this choice! I am always delighted and quite a few other bass players have always been amazed at the record of this bass.
I think the value for money at the time was not bad but nothing more. The following year the price of the 5 strings had melted and there were many more choices: / I know it made me pale in the heart;

Otherwise finish level is not too bad for the Korean ^ ^ except perhaps the space between the body and handle quite unsightly (plus it's a nest in dust ^ ^)
I think that for a first purchase of 5 strings, OCCAZ 'cort this worth the cost.
After 5 years of use, with tyrants high (forced, I am given a tone lower) the bass has not moved. I was afraid that spin round because his "middle weight pen" does not inspire confidence but she is always shocked! Formidable <img class="smiley" src="/images/audiofanzine/interface/smileys/icon_biggrin.gif" alt="biggrin" />