Cort JPS5
Cort JPS5

JPS5, 5+ string bass guitar from Cort in the Signature series.

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Panog 08/13/2009

Cort JPS5 : Panog's user review


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Active bass made in Korea, 24 fret neck (a dot fret 0), rosewood, 2 soapbar pickups.
Level knobs, one volume, a micro balance and 3-band active EQ.
The volume knob is dbrayable to pass in passive electronics.


Channel plutt enjoyable, fairly large (it's a 5-string), but all the same trs good play.
Average weight, Access in acute is terrible, we achieved without the problem 24me box.
The sound is really good, relatively happening everywhere, trs fat on the line Si


I jou for two years in a group type electro / rock with the really top his silent, Peraita mix well, and large serious taient just too good. My current group is the n o groovy metal and it fits well too.
I play with sound either trsmdium or with serious big bass. Playing in the treble can get a really crystal clear and trs.
I was playing on a stack Ashdown, and even if it's a 4x10, the rope If it came out really well.


I have 3 years. I tried a lot of other 5-string before you buy, but I really flash sound and Aesthetics.
I would do without this choice hsiter to play with a well in the big fat serious.
Today I think to go on to sell music man, I need a sound a bit more aggressive for my new group.
I love the feeling when playing on the handle, and the versatile electronics. However, I can not find the switch active / passive indispensable, but it probably got a story.

To 500th on occasion I do not think I tried another low this level.