Cort NA5
Cort NA5

NA5, 5+ string bass guitar from Cort in the Artisan series.

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Jael 08/28/2006

Cort NA5 : Jael's user review


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Very nice bass (natural version for me) korea.
Pro easel, mechanical as well.

Otherwise active bass with EQ Barto MK1 pickups, the serious (see description specified in the notices on the Cort A5 relating to certain NA5)

Work violin remarkable run driver rounded the box, not heavy and well balanced. Channel a bit narrower than other 5-string but not blocking because it forces them to be more specific in his game and it's worth it. At the finish, I now like the slap 4 strings without problems.


The handle is really REAL! fast, not tiring, real rolls!
My other bass (Yamaha BB2000 4 String) already had a round of crazy (according to all guitarists who have tried it ;-))

With NA5 is strictly the same level! (Well above the low bcp best known and most expensive I've also tried ...) This race is the driver, I found a very very long sustain :-)

Access to acute quite correct

Very effective and simple ergonomics. not so heavy, rounded shape worked with very well finished. Once again it looks like a bass luthier.
For good sound, there are many: knob low, mid, treble, balance pickups, master volume and a switch to bypass the equalizer while remaining an active bass. Handy if like me you use a DI box with correction.


Back to sounds: it is modern looking so do the grain of accuracy or Jazzbass. As against the music I play (jazz fusion, world style Zawinul, groove in the spirit of Bona R) it is a hit! it is ideal for what I play. The so serious sounds good with an amp worthy of the name and microphones Barto transcribe your game exactly the rotten game will net game and very crisp dynamique.J uses it often in my game of ghost notes and there it goes alone .

I now play on a Mark bass Little Mark II EDEN NEMESIS 4X10 cabinet and a compressor / limiter Tube Compressor ART in the chain. It's just a killing!

I like medium settings with a little digging and a fever present. easy with NA5. Otherwise, I rediscovered the use of micro serious funk sound very 70's. With the dynamics and more.

Tip if you want more "grain" just: turn on the lights of the box simulator Hartke VXL (without all need turn on the part equalization). With a small set of harmonics, you will find a grain style fender! I took the test with an accuracy and NA5 + VXL.


I use this bass for 1 year.

Before investing, I read a lot of opinions on the net (U.S. server). I also tried the version 4 strings to get an idea of ​​the violin and electronics and the Fender Marcus Miller 5 string, yamaha qq, Warwick and others ... NA5 of violin making is largely at this level again with a fantastic round (to play fast and well)

The price / quality ratio is incredible. From my point of view, it should cost more expensive bcp (bass level of € 2000 ...). And in addition it is simple and beautiful! :-D

The only downside is a small pb I had with the electronic module whose son was not well welded contacts or false. I dismounted and I repaired with my soldering iron. Since everything runs

After all that, I do it again exactly the same choice. Come join the club of admirers of NA5 totalemennt justified because it is!