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cmarco2004 04/18/2005

F Bass BN5 : cmarco2004's user review


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Made in Canada, Hamilton G. Furlanetto and his team.
22 frets pickups "F" jazz double bass splitables single, now made by Seymour & Duncan.
Hipshot bridge, Gotoh mechanical
Ash body and maple neck, touches of hard rock mapple finish base.
2 volumes, 1 tone and 3 knobs to adjust bass, midrange and treble active.
=> Ideal setup for those looking for a real Jazz Bass sound with a great preamp that does not alter the liabilities, it can just add a little more bass, treble and midrange.
A reproach, the nitrocellulose varnish does not. Mondre in shock, the varnish is peeling or brand. It's too bad for a bass of this price. It seems that using this lacquer F bass (same as on Jass bass near CBS) because it has the advantage of not retaining the vibrations of the bass unlike polyurethane, which "contain" the vibrations. Remains to be seen if this argument is true.
I put 9 because that varnish.


Handle extremely comfortable, very fine, easy access to acute
Excellent ergonomics, great looks (in my opinion is the best form of bass are present), appropriate weight.
The knobs are African exotic wood, very nice, also in full view at the touch.


I play jazz, funk, African music, RnB and sometimes rock.
Lorqui I bought this bass, I really understood what it meant to say the word "versatility." With my setup + bass amp, I spend a Bona (who is my favorite sound), that of Marcus Miller (with little to be a more crystalline and less metal than MM), Pastorius, big sound ... funk
This gives a good sound easy, accurate. It's really the spirit of jazz bass, but with its best set in both the acute and serious (The Fbass are known for their serious if not "dribble" it). Very nice low mids.


The two greatest qualities of this bass are really sound and look. The build quality is undeniable, and more you play, the more we realize that the sound of this bass is not a coincidence, it is the result of a long collaboration between Alain Caron and George Furlanetto. It is for this reason that the F bass have only one model (= concept) the BN.
In the end this bass is really great. Regarding the price, it is very high ($ 3,400 for first prize BN5 new). It is still relatively "reasonable" compared to a Fodera can easily reach $ 6,000 or more!).
Compared to a Sadowsky more expensive, not to photograph, especially for info did not design his Sadowsky preamp that sells so low, it Aguilar. On the other hand, the handle and body are purchased Sadowsky Warmoth, I think. A bit expensive for a low "assembly"!! A shame for me!
F bass BN5 is low very high quality. I would say the bass of a lifetime