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larrytron 10/21/2004

F Bass BN5 : larrytron's user review


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Well I did peter the piggy bank!
This bass comes from Canada. Everything is hand made by Mr George Furlanetto and his team.
The model has 22 frets BN5. The maple neck is bolted three parts. On mine the key is Macassar ebony (one) while it is the maple is usually used on this model.
The body is ash with a grain emerges as beautifully translucent red lacquer.
At hardware point of view, we have a bridge Hipshot B style and mechanical Gotoh (I think now they are Hipshot Ultralights).
Microphones whose cache timber matches the finish of the body are Hum-canceling.
The electronics are very neat and well stocked: a volume knob for each pickup, tone and passive bass, mid, treble for the active part of the Equal note that only boost the signal (what an idea to remove a low low ... tidiou!).
Remember also that the knob of the micro fever is a push-pull which allows spiltter microphones for a more Bass. The knob is also tnalité of push-pull and turns off the preamp and then to play passive. 6 knobs short two push-pull.
The only problem is that the veneer is very brittle so jumps very easily, it is easily repaired as well. Mr F bump on a new more resistant coating while keeping the same properties as sound as it seems it affects the sound! 9 for 22 boxes varnishes and some would have preferred 24.
Oh I forgot, the pitch is 34.5 "
Here is the beast:


The neck is perfect, neither too large nor too thin nor too thick. A highway, what! All the frets are easily accessible.
Weight level is quite reasonable but I still advise having a good wide strap well (anyway with my shoulders of lizards, all bass weigh on me ...). It is also fun to play standing seated and that is very well balanced.
The standard gauge 19mm ropes offers all the comfort to slapper.
Anyway Connecting the beast!


It hurts, I have for over a year and I am still surprised at the possibilities of this bass.
To summarize, the branch and it was the sound, it's not complicated.
Just by juggling the microphone gives a very wide range of sounds but if more is Trifouille the preamp, it's madness!
To summarize, we will say it's a Jazz Bass on steroids, with more options.
I play Rock Funk, Baluchi, in short all the Latin. It is never a piece of souffle.L Electronics are quiet a treat and more from the comfort of the game is very much appreciated. Because they are double and split the pickups offer the possibility to switch from one sound to the jazz bass sounds Precision Milleriens Pasto.
For slap, tapping fingers play at all is possible on this low and in addition it is a joy.
Note that the microphones has a relatively low output level, especially in singles. As we have a good amp AC is not a problem.
I use this bass on stage as well in the studio and is a joy, I have a sound engineer friend who saw me coming with 3600 knobs on my bass he was afraid he was quickly reassured.
If the major resort very well, the F-Bass are also well known for the quality of reports of so serious.


It's been so since September 2003 I have the beast. I'm still happy, the string action can be very low, the handle is excellent with no dead spots.
What I love about this bass is its sound, its mouth, its playing comfort and versatility. All we ask is low in fat.
the problems are the varnish can be quite fragile and it is sensitive to climatechange: I'm Brittany and ca can be played for something that said I touch the handle twice since I have so once every 6 months, what I do on most of my basses.
I tried plethora low before taking it's that I bought in New York, I have been testing Warwick, Fender Deluxe, BAT, and Ken Smith of Elrick and so on and it the only one that really made me crack, the others had either sound too comfortable either type of play did not suit me. This combines the two. At the price it cost me $ 3000 less than 3000 euros thus 20,000 francs.
With the potential of this low I think it's no price to pay. I have seen F-Bass 4500 euros in France !!!!!! So I do not feel aggrieved about the price though it is a sacred investment. It's guaranteed for life, the warranty is transferable when you sell it, but I do not intend to sell it, no, no, no!
I would do this election if I could afford, I must admit that the fretless look very good too ...
Finally I would say that buying an F-Bass can not be wrong