Fodera Guitars Emperor II 5
Fodera Guitars Emperor II 5

Emperor II 5, 5+ string bass guitar from Fodera Guitars.

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blackrose1402 07/22/2006

Fodera Guitars Emperor II 5 : blackrose1402's user review


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Made in the USA by the legendary luthiers that we know
24 frets two humbuckers that can be as simple splitter to passive preamp with 3 band mike pope super efficient and a staggering output level that can saturate any receiver (even though my fbass BN6 which is excellent is small compared to the Fodera when I push all the knobs to the bottom!
run through beautiful!


The handle is simply the best I've had! the varnish actually allows high accuracy and super fast!
access to the treble is exceptionally confusing at first because of a single cut but he is comfortable with amazing highs (until the 24 box!)
the weight is quite big but with this style of bass should not be paying attention and then I have a very good strap Sadowsky forget that the weight of the instrument! on the other hand is exemplary ergonomics (better than on my fbass which is nevertheless very ergonomic!)
for her it's a crazy thing not a bad sound on this bass
Wooten sound sound sound pastoral marcus on its own has a low (very original!) and everything is for the support we do pasmieux
one would think that it is an instrument for solo, but c monstrous to accompany


I play all (see my opinion on the fbass bn 6)
I play with a little mark II and a 4x10 with a set of pedals (ebs reverb, dynamic comp, octave, chorus, wah and one Microbass II)
I get everything I want to especially like his I can get a staff
c Wooten practice to work because you can have exactly the same sound!
I love everything about this bass!


I got it this week and honestly and frankly I will keep my life on it ca!
what I like most is the sound, the original design and how the wood is working behind the bass to reach the highs, and the fact of being the rare owner of one of these basses!
I tried a monarch (very good bass it says) but it is, let's say, the high-end Fodera! (as against the better so bad on my fbass)
instrument is a very expensive (8200 euros AC socket anyway) but hey it is incomparable to another so it is particularly low
I confirm that Fodera basses are the best in the world!
and with the experience and the money I do it again this choice again even if it's hard to find one in France and must attndre some time to have one!