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benouaste 03/24/2009

Ibanez BTB406QM : benouaste's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Korea and bought second hand: the seller could not tell me when she dated precisely but it is no longer available new in stores, I would imagine that it must make some time.
Standard handle, two Ibanez pickups and bridges for the independent stand. Active Electronics added to the settings for volume, balance and tone pickups.
"What kind of handle ?"... then ...


Grip not easy the first time I went to a jazz bass to this beautiful Ibanez with some difficulty. He took a good month for my left hand gets used to the thickness of the handle (and twisting my wrist when I'll get in very serious) and my right hand the number of rope. But for the right hand, I'm still working on it: it takes almost relearn how to play.
Access to treble is super easy: the body-neck junction is round and makes the use of treble very ergonomic.
The instrument is well balanced and surprisingly light, I think it means the difference with my imitation JazzBass and it is not really noticeable.
The sound is really good for the price paid (300 euro) to the extent that it requires a real good amp (next purchase) with power because this beast needs space and Watts!


I'm still a beginner bass player so I do not style of music assigned. It seems to me that this bass will sound very well everywhere, whether for music or funkier lines very heavy metal.
I played with a low end amp fernandes I'm going to change soon as my bank account allows me: a 15W, it's really too little for this baby because she's "trunk".
At my level, I think it sounds good regardless of the settings: it offers a wide range of its really no sin on quality.


I found this by chance and opportunity I was looking for a five-string at the base but before the price of second hand quality of the instrument (almost like new) and especially the technical features (pickups and active electronics, setting jumpers independent type EMG pickups ,...), I did not hesitate long. I think it will help me improve my playing technique of its size (six strings, anyway) before moving on to other models may be more "pro"?, But this is probably that an idea that I am.