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VicMacKey 01/14/2005

Ibanez BTB406QM : VicMacKey's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Korea.
24 frets, Ibanez humbuckers.
Trestle bridges indpendants.
Rglages: volume, balance microphones, boost / cut bass, boost / cut treble, boost / cut range of mediums with frequencies.
Book cover with a real well made Ibanez.


The handle is trs enjoyable for 6 strings. Close to that of a TRB6 (I had an era) and less wide.
Access in acute is easy.
Good ergonomics. The weight is consquent and you can feel on the shoulder APRS 1h or 1h30 of play it does not sting the nose, even sitting.
The sound is good. Finally, it was the sound for the price we pay no more or less, but it is of good quality trs. The SI is correct grave. I am surprised sometimes even to collect compliments the bass sound live or in studio, the musicians I play with, the public, and even the ing his compliments (!!!), I 've never (or very little) before with low priced silent double or triple that this! Like what ...


I bought it for me r-initiate the six strings, as a former owner of Yamaha TRB6 long ago, but I use it often trs trs trs at the moment. This should lower all styles of music, and more particulirement place in the prog rock or jazz fusion, modern music gnral ...
I play with a SWR SM500 or EBS FAFNIR EDEN 410XLT a couple concerts and an EBS Microbass in the studio.
We can get anything you want in terms of sounds this bass, but personally I use trs little electronic instrument, sometimes I just boost the bass or treble to better m ' hear, but I never touch the mdiums because rglage is dlicat. It's going well enough sound roots and prcis Submitted. Frquence a boost too can make it too sharp or mute the sound: in fact the electronic is not the most prcises.
I do not like the sounds too dull or too sharp you can get with this bass. Otherwise it's all good.


I use it for several months.
What I like most: it was worth the money. The violin is nickel. The sound is more than adequate. I particulirement indpendants the bridges, although rsonnances are always friendly Submitted.
I tried the I Myung before buying. The sound is a bit better on Myung, but the weight and ergonomics are crap ... It m'tonnerait that Myung plays (played) on exactly the same as that found MODEL (was) in the store. For a low-killing, just change the pickups on this one (possibly the electronic) and must be nickel.
Report quality price: trs it is good. Honestly for that price you can not esprer best nine.
I sidr when I see the prices of certain instruments in store and the sound comes out. Beware of scams ... but the bass is far from being a scam, far from it.