Ibanez BTB555MP
Ibanez BTB555MP

BTB555MP, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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Manny 66 05/23/2005

Ibanez BTB555MP : Manny 66's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Korea I think.
The bass is in almost all points similar to the BTB in 1005 violin, made in Korea but these benefits. She is really beautiful, feel more, mahogany body with a table and flamed maple back, neck 24 frets laminated screwed into 5 parts of maple and walnut.
It is equipped with a monorail bridge the most beautiful effect.
Level adjustment is the total: 18V preamp Ibanez Vari-Mid with a volume knob, balance, a serious (boost / cut), an acute (boost / cut) and a concentric knob parametric mid (boost / cut , selection of a range change).


Handle very nice and flat, but the width of risk in a more destabilized.
The cutting off of the lower horn gives a very good access to the last box, but there is room for improvement.
As for the weight sensitive bah backs will have your muscles are weight as it weighs. thank you mahogany.


For sound when there wouaaaaaaaaaaahou c'st too good. Despite the tons of knobs, we arrive quickly enough to find sounds correct. The bridge pickup slammed, and the microphone is severe fatty wish. I think this is primarily a low for the big sound but it is also very good record in pop, rock, funk or even Jazzy dub and frankly when I play the neck pickup with lots of bass and lower midrange . She may resume the electronic BTB 405, it does not really sound the same, it is beacoup more "woody" on the 555.
I use a warwick sweet 15 and gorge on foot. There or with my old bass I routinely used my Hartke Bass Attack from home, the more I do not use that to magnify the sound on the move well nag (I play in a group of metal / electro / pop / rock / neo-through pork. all that to say but not sure what to nag ;-))) the slap sound is not bad, I can sound somewhat resembling that of a bassist for mudvayne for those who know, big , punchy and slamming.
I would say the Suel small downside is the grave If that is not the most accurate I've heard but still very suitable for this low price (669 €)


I have two weeks since then may have to be that the euphoria of the early going but I would do without this choice hesitate a single second.
Before I try to buy another of the series ibanez SR / SRX but the narrow width of the handle left me somewhat perplexed. Warwick I try but it was just for fun thunes becaufe I had not, the Yamaha TRB (old and new model. In fact I bought a Yamaha RBX 775 last year and already I hesitated a time with the BTB-405 that I liked so when I felt like change and this bass is out I am not asking too many questions ;-) actually in my price range c ' was one that suited me best.
The price / quality ratio is excellent instrument was a beautiful, well finished (natural Satin) and sounds great. I do not know what they did but at ibanez BTB (4,5,6 strings) and the new SR (500/505) are simply awesome. 2005 is a great vintage