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Corwynn 09/17/2011

Ibanez RD605 : Corwynn's user review


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Low type Roadgear made in Korea

Mahogany body, flamed maple table, round screw it seems to me that the maple-, rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets medium and black plastic nut.

The set is very traditional but very well made, visually it's beautiful especially in black or red color is best to avoid honey against it accords ill with very light color of the neck and head. Pins buttons are mother of pearl inlay in the shape of a full moon, the most beautiful effect on woody. Only regret cutting the body is not particularly fine, but it's really a detail, to quibble.

Seymour Duncan Basslines, a bridge and a humbucker.
Electronic active EQ switch on / off, volume knobs, micro switch and 2-band EQ Bass / Treble
Accucast Bridge B200


The handle of this is low end while remaining round. For my part I find it ideal because it allows for easy movement, especially in the bass, although he slips, slides lovers will be in heaven. The bridge is wide enough to him, causing a gradual expansion of the strings very pleasant at the right hand. Early consideration is that it's a little less comfortable in the treble strings with a low spin right-I think among other things, the Cort Artisan A5-, but again nothing really problematic, just a fold to be taken.

This is definitely a lady to play with fingers, not the game with a pick or embarrassed by anything but the comfort provided by the configuration of the lower right hand is such that it takes that plectrum 'to regret. Pressing the microphones is ideal, especially on the humbucker large and prominent.

The difference of the strings is pretty well thought out so that slappeurs not found wedged too close together by ropes, it is part of good students in five different among the slap strings I tested, but it is a five rope, and therefore require a little more work than a conventional low slapper cleanly, but it's still very doable.

The ergonomics of the bass on the other hand, leaves something to be desired. It is quite heavy and slightly stings the nose, which requires having a strap not too rotten. If access to acute is excellent, small side "slumps" push to retain a bit of stick for those who like me do not play nearly horizontal, and it does not facilitate access to the boxes the most acute of the handle. Finally, we regret that the shape of the body prohibit the game sitting without strap: if the bass has a shape very pleasing to the eye, hold it wrong on the thigh, and tired quickly the left hand should support the neck and more play. Personally, I play upright, I really do not, but for those who expect to play sitting down, be warned.

The settings are still with them a cinch. No need to turn a knob to change the color for background music, the preamplifier is sensitive without being vague, short, it is the foot.


It is a very versatile bass, capable of both return the bacon with coarse rock solid as well to balance lines fusion, funk and jazz without the slightest concern. There are easily a sound very close to a jazz bass, certainly not very vintage but still very convincing as a surprise to a low-rated, which can easily replace the model for a fortunate few bass.

The two-band EQ seems to limit some opportunities, but this is wrong: hack the media directly on the amp in active mode gives very good results, and when the bypass, the bass provides a sound basis for excellent quality and reacts very well to the settings directly on the amp. I play a lot in addition to bypass so it's nice, rendering settings are frankly enjoyable medium for entering and sounds more incisive. Jazz bass maybe, but that does not prevent it from being as capable of assuming many plans metal nag.

All answers frankly good, and so serious is not at all to pick up (something I generally do not trust with low mid-range like this). tested on two amps, my little behringer 30 W has a little trouble to do him honor, and a Roland cube 100 W which left no doubt on the reactivity and the definition of that serious. Sure, that big lady's chest.

The only regret is that we can have something that is, in my humble opinion, inherent in many models from Ibanez. Like many of her peers, the RD 605 is not very warm, it is difficult to draw sharp creamy and round. In fact, if it peaked in terms of well-slamming funk, it will have some difficulty adapting to styles like smooth jazz, bossa nova and others. It's his only weakness, but it is not inherent to the model, rather the policy of his Ibanez, if you go on a low mark, you probably know already.


I have this bass for almost a year and a half, and this is my first five strings. I originally wanted to buy a Cort Artisan A5, but having found that it used only 400 euros (against 750 for the new artisan), I tested and adopted, because it is really excellent bass for its price class. Unfortunately it is no longer produced at the moment, but if you find it used, you can go there with closed eyes. It's a choice I would do without hesitation, because I take a lot of fun to play.

My favorite home is its flexibility, it finds its active as nothing, passive it loses none of its qualities and is very responsive to the settings they are missing in his EQ. And if she excels particularly in the funk fingers, it demerit in any style except for the music the most smooth.

The real black, it's definitely impossible to play without sitting strap, because of the balance not necessarily ideal, especially the cutting of the body aesthetic, but inadequate when laying on the thigh.