Ibanez SR305DX
Ibanez SR305DX

SR305DX, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SR Standard series.

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qnitech 07/14/2013

Ibanez SR305DX : qnitech's user review

«  Sustain .... you need to sustain? »

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The full description is available on site ... google is your friend! (At least for research in this sense ....)

Fabroqué asia ... but with a quality finish which suggests that quality control is done (we Ibanez anyway)

In this regard the holding of agreement is im-pe-ca-tion!


In any pickup configuration, we get almost any sound that is sought, thank you to the electronics that boost what you want.

The only things missing even

The handle is very nice, rather late for a 5 string, as everyone does not have hands the size of those of a lumberjack ...

The weight is relative, given my girth, I find it rather light (I have not hands but a body lumberjack ....


Resolutely modern, this coffee has an almost infinite sustain so it resonates, it forces the palm muting but what happiness in the long notes ...


I prefer to sustain the variety of sounds and punch for the price!

I do not like .... nothing o)