Ibanez SR305DX
Ibanez SR305DX

SR305DX, 5+ string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SR Standard series.

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MGR/LeastAmongUsMike 12/25/2003

Ibanez SR305DX : MGR/LeastAmongUsMike's user review

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From Guitar Center for $375.00, as I wanted to add a 5-sting to my sound.

The best thing about this bass, is it's "feel". Great balance, great look, easy tapered neck and fretboard. For an entry level 5-string, this baby is awesome. Has an active EQ, with BASS BOOST, which can give some awesome tones on the B and E strings. Two seperate volume controls (one for each "soapbar" pickup), and a single tone knob. This ax can be played for jazz, country, metal, WHATEVER! Plus, it only comes in black. WAY cool...

My only real complaint is that, while the bass boost is awesome, it only boosts the extreme bottom end. Some boost of the tone for the mids as well, would have made this bass, perfect. Then again, it probably would have made it about $1000.00 as well! No complaints about color. Classic black is perfect. One of only two colors that ANY bass should be (the other being natural wood). Also, the battery for the active EQ is just too much of a pain to get to, especially if you need to make a quick change. Otherwise, I HIGHLY recommend this baby.

Classic 5-string set-up, but on a more easy to use scale. Double-sided headstock, tapered neck, and a basswood body. Has two large "soapbar" humbuckers, and a high-gloss finish. In terms of quality, mine is almost two years old, is regularly played, and has had NO problems. It also stays is tune very nicely.

If you are looking for an entry level 5-string, or even a new one to add to your arsenal, PICK THIS UP!

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