Ibanez SR405
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sebos44 05/27/2005

Ibanez SR405 : sebos44's user review


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Manufacturing Corenne
Jumbo frets, flat end of sleeves (24 frets)
2 active pickups humbukers DX5 (neck / bridge) with conventional rglages (bass, mid treble) + selcteur neck pickup bridge pickups.


Round end flat frets julbo -> what a pleasure!
Access in acute fairly easy
Appropriate weight
The sound is easily adjustable and corrected thanks to SETTING THE electronic active. Only BMOL the poarfois If serious harm can be Dfine


Ideal for many styles because the sounds are quite versatile.
Hartke HA3500 and plays SWR 2x12 cabinet (bigfoot).

The sound that I use combines both bass and treble to be submitted at as much as possible and be low also during operations slapper.


Used since ending for five years.
The ergonomics of the instrument is interesting.
I did not so much to say about the exprience DIFFERENT MODELS low. I know from these dernires five years, I t satisfied with the instrulent but I think having a way suiffisament important to be able to change quickly, opting for a 5 string amricaine ( Musiman, Fender or Sadowski)