Ibanez SR405
MGR/Anonymous 06/27/2001

Ibanez SR405 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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After playing Ibanez basses for about 5yrs, it was natural to stay with them when I ventured out for a new toy. I purchased my SR205 for $520 at my local shop, and it was worth it.

First a foremost the tone is excellent, I've played around with almost all the top name basses in the $300 - $800 price range and this is if not one of the best.

Well my only complaint is that Ibanez needs to factor better strings, for 500+sumpter, I expected better stringing! But go out and get some Ernie Ball or your choice and your set/

If you setup to low B this mug can be crucial! Playing in my band I have to play hard and loud and try my best not to let the lead guitarist drown my sound....let's just say I love this bass. 2 octaves in every 5 frets of the 24 frets, maple body, 3 piece maple neck and rosewood finger, DX5 pickups and about 45mm at the nut...sweet!

It's light, well crafted, and can take a beating and still sound great! So for all you KoRn, Mudvayne, and Rage kids that toss things....this is a bass that can suffer such abuse!

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