Ibanez SR506
MGR/Bassman 6 10/02/2007

Ibanez SR506 : MGR/Bassman 6's user review

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I have been playin bass since 7th grade I wm now in 11th so about 4 years under my belt

I play both stand-up and bass guitar,guitar,dryums,etc.etc.

pretty much any type of music u can think I like

I play in a metal band called Unstable Society

I started off playing viola

I bought my Ibanez from Guitar Center in Rosedale Minn.

I needed a better bass then my squier becuase I surpassed its capabilites and wanted a six string bass

I paid about 700 dollars for my Ibanez

Over all I loev the bass,the MK1 Bartonili electronics are amazing,great tone,the action and the way it plays is just beutiful,the finish is very nice,the bass hangs extremaly well when playin with a strap,the neck is very very thing which is very nice for reaching those low strings,tapping and slaping is very easy on it,the woods are very nice and resonate extremaly,the mahogany body give a nice bright sound,and the 5 piece neck made with three pieces of wedge and two strips of Bubinga is extrmaly smooth,and the active pickups don't kill that battery fast at all

there is'nt alot that I don't like about the instrument

the only thing I can think of is that the truss rod extremaly hard to get at and Ibanes should have put the truss rod adjusment nut at the bottom of the neck instead of at the top

great,very solid well built bass

A spectacular purchase for anyone looking for a six string bass,very good to learn on if you want to try your hand at a six string bass

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