Ibanez SR905
Poet 12/21/2006

Ibanez SR905 : Poet's user review


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24 cases.
5-string (if G)
2 active pickups Bartoloni MK1 (Mmmiiaaammm!).
knob Grave Mdium, Treble, Balance between the mics, Volume gnral.
Elexis strings.
Channel driver (Re Mmmiiaaammm!).
Manufacturing Coren.
Table cot bomb mics and indoor curved face (absolutely gnial) 3 pices adhesives.


The neck is thin for a 5 string, trs particulirement enjoyable and fast.
The varnish visibly trs good quality is not very thick and suggests the wood grain on the neck as on the table. This finish is simple and quite natural.
The color may seem dull at first, but the result is spectacular with scne by and flash!

This low, due to its ergonomic tudie trs, provides playing comfort and is indniable particulirement lgre for a 5 string. CHARACTERISTICS This is not to lgert pnalisante for sound, because the neck-and micro Bartoloni make a great instrument rac and nervous.

A large range of sounds on this instrument is less important than the vari-mid Systm, but practitioner.


I use this bass live in RPET and recording.

- On a set B2R Ampeg SVT-410HE Classic + + SVT-15E. The sound is deep, powerful, and slamming pchu. He sometimes lacks a bit of mdiums, but to play death metal ...

In RPET according to the studios:
- On a Hartke HA5500 and HCV410.
- On a Bassman 400.

- For the pop, to rock sometimes, between a direct C1. The sound is fairly middle this time, Dfine particulirement well, the bottom is enjoyable, not too intrusive, with soft attack ...
- For the heavy, black and death metal, in between a direct DMCL. The sound is slamming, sliced ​​pais. There are the CHARACTERISTICS of the "& mm" of DMCL, with further attacks, dynamic, and especially Submitted CONTRL ...

MJ 20/12/2006: With all the knobs in the middle position, the rope does not sound hardly compared to the other?? Even with rglages DIFFERENT ... Bartoloni my MK1 they have a problem?? (-> It's not the battery that sucks, Obviously !...)


I use this low since 2006.

+ Indniablement the neck-and electronic Bartoloni, for sound.
+ The lgret and enjoyable form trs.
+ The nervosa of the instrument.

The -:
- The output jack "classic". I prfr neutrik with a blockage.
Sometimes I play other basses, so I compare the last with these other instruments:
- Ibanez BTB 405
- Ibanez SG 800
- Tune
- Cort A5
- Epiphone (which I do not use the more ...)

The report is my opinion qualitprix trs good.

In conclusion, this bass is a little nervous big sound.