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Ibanez SR905
Ibanez SR905
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MGR/Not Empty\'s Bass Player MGR/Not Empty\'s Bass Player

« Ibanez SR905 »

Publié le 02/24/07 à 15:00
I play bass in a Christian Rock band known as Not Empty. We started writing music about 8 months ago, and at the time play a couple shows a month. I have played bass guitar for 5 years.

I bought the SR 905 from Musician's Friend as a much needed upgrade for a price of $849.99. (I also bought the hardshell case made specifically for this bass- $109 or so. Well worth it!)

There is so much good to say about this bass. It can play anything from rock to funk to jazz- you name it. I play diffrent types of rock in my band, and this guitar rocks thru them all. It gives all these awesome sounds thru the active on-board Bartolini MK-1 3-band EQ. This EQ is amazing. With a 9-Volt Battery,(Which I haven't changed since I got the bass a year ago; and its still going, and going, and going...) you can boost your bass, mids, highs, and overall volume individually.
Also complementing this EQ are the two Bartolini MK1-5 Neck and Bridge Pickups. I love Bartolini's. After playing a bunch of basses (Warwick, MusicMan, Pedulla, etc) before choosing this one for best quality, sound, and price, I knew that my final choice would have Bart's equiped. But enough about electronics.
The wood- Bubinga/Maple. That says enough there. Great sound, and don't get me started on the sustain. Just like the battery, it keeps going, and going... at the end of a song, I have to stop the string or it will ring for a minute!
Tuning- this baby will hold a tune for a long time. My old bass (a samick) didnt hold a tune for very long, so I was tuning it between every song. But now with the SR 905, I often forget to tune for an entire show. And you couldn't tell.
Looks- Wow. This is a STUNNING guitar. the charcoal brown flat (cherry-ish) finish on the Bubinga/Maple is beautiful. And the finish is natural. It isn't a Gloss finish where the guitar feels like plastic. You can feel the grain of the wood. Some people wouldn't like this because you have to wipe it down often to keep the oils of your hands from marring the finish, but I think it is worth it.
Action and Playability- Very close to perfect. Easy to play and a great action setup. The fingerboard is Rosewood- I didn't think I would like it as much as my faithful maple fingerboard on my samich, but I like it better. Very smooth playing.
As you can see by all the above, this is a great guitar. (my fingers hurt from typing...but I just cant't stop! this bass rocks!)

Well, not too much not to like. The only thing is the action if you play something smooth, like jazz. It rattles a little at certain spots, but with a little tweaking with the truss and bridge, this could be fixed. (but for rock, this is OK)
I think that is the only thing.

Top of the line. It sports Neck-Thru-Body construction. The best way you can build a guitar. If you don't know what this is, check out
Quality- Accu-Cast B25 Bridge. This bridge gives you the option of putting your strings thru the back of the body, or thru the bottom of the bridge. Nice option to have. I put mine thru the body for best sustain, but putting them thru the bridge might fix the rattle. The bridge and tuners are an aged metal-ish material. Rock solid.
This axe will stand up to anything.

Bottom line, Great bass. and for the price, you can't top it. It well excedes my needs in a guitar, and it will yours as well.
On a side note, I would purchace this from a dealer where you can personaly play and see the guitar before buying. When I recived this from MF, there was a big dent in the back. Now, I called them and got sixety bucks back and don't think much of a dent in the back, but some peeps might.

If you are looking for an awesome rocking bass, you've found the one!

Rock On!

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