L. Kah Basses Dune 6 cordes
L. Kah Basses Dune 6 cordes

Dune 6 cordes, 5+ string bass guitar from L. Kah Basses.

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Jaysee99 05/28/2006

L. Kah Basses Dune 6 cordes : Jaysee99's user review


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Everything has been said about the characteristics of manufacturing!
Laurent Kaa is to prepare its 12 th low, the experience is there, its brands
present and produces good sound in every way!


-Handle is a real highway and can go very fast without getting tired beyond measure ...
-A perfect access to the last frets.
-The bass is really well balanced, the head does not sting the nose, thus saving considerable fatigue engendered by certain instruments.
-To the sound is simple, playing in liabilities, the balance at noon, was already the grain without having to work with the preamp.
Inevitable sign of an evil design and perfect.


I do not use any amp, I play in live sound systems or others via HF.
See the overall opinion


In conclusion:
This is low, as they say in English, AWESOME ..
In short, are the adjectives to describe legions.
The sound is diabolical precision ...
For my part, I use the micro scale at noon, see the complete micro acute side, and it is a treat, whether passive or active no difference in volume when the boosters are allowed to 0dB preamp! !
This is AWESOME!
Everything is here:
It growl.
-Dense, accurate sound at a time.
She is great even if it weighs balanced weight, you can feel the instrument in a positive way, without having chewed his left shoulder after an hour !!!!!!
-The perfect setting allows shades HALLUCINATIONS right hand ... and yet I usually prefer a higher string height.
Dead-notes have a fantastic relief!
-Bass and crystal clear, natural midrange singing, clear highs without being harsh ... all the sonic palette is present.
If a serious-taut, fairly large and very accurate!!
She is beautiful which is not to spoil your viewing pleasure, quite the contrary.
-Very ergonomic.
-The-board preamp allows numerous settings picky enough (for the studio work of this kind is very convenient !!!!)
-The choice of wood is aesthetically perfect.
SUSTAIN-and breathtaking !!!!!
I tried to ball directly into the sound system via an RF, it pierced the mix without problems, while having low, mid and treble very active and natural ...
In studion is the same, several engineers have been taped by the pure sound that delivers the Dune 004.

This bass is an instrument of compete, it's versatile bass par excellence, it can play in any style, it goes EVERYWHERE!
With this kind of instrument, found its own sound EASILY!!

Try it and adopt it.

I am currently waiting my own model L Kah, because I was graciously loaned by Laurent for 3 months.
I strongly suggest that future big name in French violin, because in addition to a wonderful job, it is a kindness unmatched and responsive client absolutely!