L. Kah Basses Dune 6
L. Kah Basses Dune 6

Dune 6, 5+ string bass guitar from L. Kah Basses.

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Seb54 10/28/2005

L. Kah Basses Dune 6 : Seb54's user review


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Low of a very young luthier (but great exprience in woodworking) french Laurent Kah.

- 6 strings (19mm spacing at bridge)
- Handle 24 cargo boxes Rabl (5 ply)
- Key in amaranth
- Mahogany body and Rabl
- Type soapbar pickups Rough Crystal
- Electronics Aguilar OBP1
- Button bne.


The handle is round, but despite my preferences for sleeves rather flat, I must say it is enjoyable and fast play. The spacing of the strings is a real rgal much for the game that slap on the fingers or tapping the button as fairly flat which also helps.

The shape is nice because it allows a good Access in acute trs.

Pse bass a little weight (the choice of woods and their quality but is very well balance (which EHJV on lots of 6 string).

In acoustics, the sound is rich and acute mdium, which is to slap INTERESTED. The harmonics are Dfine.


As said prcdemment the sound is quite rich and mdium in acute acoustic or with the qualisation flat. But playing with it, we get easily a good well rounded, perfect for playing with fingers (personal opinion at least).


This bass is really nice to share:
- Form and Access in acute
- The handle and 19mm string spacing at bridge
- Its palette of sound that can have fun no matter what you like and upgrade its technology used (although it tends to sound more natural percussive techniques such as slap, tapping ..)

- Weight

Brief for more details contact the maker directly.